We are thrilled to introduce you to the successful teams for this year’s Monash Generator Accelerator program!

Ten teams have been selected from over 180 quality applications, representing a diverse offering of talent, innovation, grit and capability sourced from the Monash community. …

While the 2020 Monash Generator Showcase completed the Accelerator program, it was the start of a dynamic new chapter for these companies.

Since November:

Keep your eyes on our Pory site to stay up to date with their latest tractions and asks. Your support could lead to the next new pilot, partnership, or paying customer. Together, we can help these companies grow.

You can watch the team pitches on our YouTube playlist below:

Generator Ambassador, Nathaniel Diong, is dedicated to creating real change through entrepreneurship

  • Monash Commerce student and Gen-Z educator, Nathaniel Diong was one of four young Aussies recognised as the 2021 Young Australian of the Year, out of thousands of nominations across Victoria.
  • Nathaniel Diong was recognised for his transformative work…

Accelerator team Pory helps non-technical founders build websites without a single line of code.

Co-founders Luannie Dang and Sam Wong (Monash alumna — Information Technology) went from exploring using Airtable to create web applications to featuring at #2 on Product Hunt in less than 6 months.

Pory has now been used to generate more than 1,000 sites.

How to Pory

Luannie: Pory is…

Learnings from new fitness app and 2020 Accelerator team, Fitcus

Accelerator team, Fitcus, launched its app on the Apple App Store last week. We chatted with the team to find out what new muscles they flexed, the hoops they had to jump through, and how they worked it out.

Fitcus makes you fitter, faster without hurting yourself.

It’s a fitness app that goes beyond just providing workout routines; it turns your smartphone into a personal trainer and corrects your form in real-time while you workout. Using artificial intelligence and…

Since they met 10 years ago, Liza and James have had a bunch of business ideas. Like spaghetti to a wall, they threw, and threw, until one stuck. …

— Matt Jones, Founder of Honee and Helfie

“You can relax. I’m absolutely not here to sell you anything today. That’s not the purpose of this presentation.

All I want to do with our time together is show you tactics I’ve taught people who go on to be very successful in sales.

Listen with an open mind, and…

From serial entrepreneur, Phil Hayes-St Clair

Phil Hayes-St Clair dropped into our Zoom room for our weekly Monday morning Accelerator team check-in for a pep-talk. He gave the founders three practical tips for their journey ahead from his many lessons learned.

Phil is CEO & Co-Founder at Drop Bio, a personalised health biotechnology venture based on…

We are thrilled to introduce you to the successful teams for this year’s Monash Generator Accelerator program!

10 teams have been selected from over 135 applications, representing the diversity of innovation and game-changing ideas emerging from the Monash community.

The teams comprise 16 founders represented by current students, Research Fellows, Monash staff members, and alumni of Monash. From groundbreaking asthma biotech, to no-code software leveling the website…

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