Accelerator team Pory helps non-technical founders build websites without a single line of code.

Co-founders Luannie Dang and Sam Wong (Monash alumna — Information Technology) went from exploring using Airtable to create web applications to featuring at #2 on Product Hunt in less than 6 months.

Pory has now been used to generate more than 1,000 sites.

How to Pory

Luannie: Pory is a no-code platform that makes it simple to create functional web apps by using templates that integrates with your favourite tools and services. All you need to do is select the template that best suits your use case and add in your data!

Traditional software development is very expensive and time-consuming because it requires knowing how to code to set up a database for storing data, a backend for communicating with the database and a frontend for displaying the data needed and user interaction. Our no-code solution breaks down this skill barrier.

The Team

Sam: Since 2017, Luannie and I have regularly attended hackathons and startup events where we met a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who’ve spent $50k-$100k building apps that got very little traction.

In 2019, we both worked for Mr Yum who built their entire MVP using Airtable to validate their idea. They then went onto raising $1.5m in just 6 months.

We became inspired to build a platform that could help non-technical founders do the same. However, at the time we were building an algorithmic trading platform. By April 2020, we quit our day jobs and pivoted our startup to one that aligned more with our capabilities. Hello,!


Committed the first line of code
Completed Monash Generator Validator program


Launched 35-day-old MVP on Product Hunt (#4 Product Hunt of the Day)


Released subscription plan and landed first paying customer


Received $75k USD funding from Mozilla Builders

We have made use [Pory] to quickly throw up a dashboard for our Open Lab program with over 300 participating teams which has made the program run very smoothly. Additionally, we run our “What Needs Building?” interview series where we interview founders, engineers, entrepreneurs [and more] about what needs building and how to build it. We were able to use Pory to spin up a site to host all of these interviews which has been phenomenal for our growth!

— Puneet Sachdeva, Mozilla Builders

Started Monash Generator Startup Sprint program


Accepted into the Monash Generator Accelerator program
Hunted by Chris Messina on Product Hunt (#2 Product Hunt of the Day, #5 Product Hunt of the week)
Over 1,000 sites created

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